Rowenta Repair

Rowenta Consumer Electronics Repair at Multicare Electronics

Rowenta Repair at Multicare Electronics

Warranty and chargeable repairs undertaken on behalf of Rowenta

Multicare is an Authorised repair centre with the ability to undertake repairs on behalf of Rowenta, using parts direct from the manufacturer.

  • Benefits to our service
    • ISO 9001:2015 Accredited
    • Seasoned Technicians
    • Bespoke Workshop
    • ESD Workshop
    • International Reach
  • Manufacturer Authorisation provides
    • Original Parts
    • Test Procedures
    • Specialist Jigs
    • Approved Tools
    • Trained Technicians

Being Authorised to repair on behalf of the manufacturer entitles Multicare to fully support direct from the factory, we can ask questions to the designers, software developers even the person assembling the unit. This enable Multicare to get to the source of the problem and make sure the right person at the factory is working to solve your problem.

We have access to all the latest firmware and software to aid in keeping your products up-to-date.

Rowneta Repairs at Multicare Electronics
Rowneta Repairs at Multicare Electronics

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